Movi CR

Movi Cinema Robot is Freefly’s first consumer product, and the first to use a contract manufacturer for a complete box product build. I managed the US design team and the Chinese CM through prototyping, testing, and production.

Movi is a cell phone stabilization gimbal capable of stabilization in three axis and active control through its app (iOS or android).


Form factor

Unlike the “selfie-stick” form factor of most other cell phone stabilizers on the market, Movi is designed to feel like a DSLR. This makes it much easier to execute precision moves, resulting in footage rivaling that of pro camera rigs. Also, you can put it down, which is remarkably difficult to do with other gimbals on the market.


Powerful software

The software driving the stabilisation behavior is bleeding-edge in the industry. Development efforts that went into experiences like continuous roll were ported back to our pro equipment suites after completion of this project because they completely revolutionized how people were able to use the equipment.



We built Movi to our industrial standards making sure it could withstand weather, drops from significant heights, temperature fluctuation, and abuse of all sorts. The head of our team at our manufacturer was astonished that we were able to chuck a unit down 10 flights of stairs as a QC spot-check.