Can Teach, Will Travel


Let me help you reach your goals in
high school physics or musical performance.


In all things I strive to find simplicity and connections between core concepts. Whether it be inducing “Aha!” moments regarding the nature of energy or nurturing an individual into living truthfully under artificial circumstances on stage, my job is to re-frame problems and provide tools.

I take pride in each one of my students and collaborators. My ultimate goal is always to make myself obsolete - instilling the skills needed for continued self-driven growth.


Musical Performance

$80/night + travel expenses (or buy me dinner, I'm flexible)

I use a mixture of a discussion-oriented Socratic method for plan and brand development (leveraging my background in product design) and a high-energy coaching method for plan implementation and skill building. I believe that artistry and connection to the meaning of a piece can improve all aspects of a musical performance.

My background is in pop a capella (I’ve directed 3 groups), musical theater, traditional choral music, dance, and now a handful of years of barbershop with Northwest Sound. I coach a number of groups that compete internationally.



$30/hr + travel expenses

I have a Mechanical Engineering degree from Olin College and am studying at WGU to get my Masters in Secondary Education for physics. While pursuing my degree, I work with high school students at any level that need another perspective or structure in their studies.

I focus on identifying and using recurring patterns and cross-cutting concepts to support the student where they need scaffolding for their growing knowledge. I pride myself on being flexible - finding explanations that resonate with your particular learning style.